Canton Nestor 603 Floor standing speakers

Canton is one of the companies, which products you recognize from the first glance. A high, wide three-way loudspeaker Nestor 603 is not the exception: familiar body's proportions, a recognizable location of heads, the metal of decorative grilles... On the plastic faceplate there are two luxurious woofers, inch tweeter with soft dome. Everything is very solid. There is a typical for many Canton models dense polymer stub of resonator port, playing the role of damping element at low frequencies. On the back panel there are two input terminals - a silent reproach to modern fashion.

The low-frequency pair sets, so to speak, the tone of interpreted by "Nestor" sound events. The system perfectly orients in the field of not only upper but middle bass. Terrible, dense low-frequency substance is felt with all fibers in the moments of powerful symphonic classics, on especially "military" exercises of musical forms. Drum kickappears not only in the ear-drums but also in bone and muscle tissues of perceiving subject. It is hurricane. Time form of low-frequency sound is carefully monitored, characteristic suspended matter, which interferes with the perception of low middle, is absent. Only the feeling of unhealthy gravity can appear at very large amplitudes... In normal conditions the mid frequencies freely show their outstanding dynamic abilities, strongly save the palette of prototype. I want to mention the mastery of low vocal's transfer by "Nestor". Although the degree of acoustic illumination of upper area is on the high level and we can talk about explicit detailing of high-frequency aspect, sometimes you want to increase the contrast of the image, to add brightness. Generally speaking, tonal characteristics of the system sound provide the comfort perception of music, which a good illusion of scenic space significantly contributes to. Panorama has better "chamber" scale; the space in a panoramic plane is homogeneous but has relatively low depth and clarity.

Nestor 603 plays almost all modern music styles well and on a good note emotionally. Rock sounds lively and colorful, different electronics - just perfect. Rich bass is the guarantee of successful work of the system in home cinema. The acoustics is ideal for a medium-sized room but not too muted (for example by furniture).

Canton Nestor 603 Floor standing speakers photo