Canton Vento 807 DC Floor standing speakers

We have a younger floor model from the top Vento series of the Canton company. Side walls of the body are retroverted. On the front wall there are two MF/LF-drivers, tweeter between them and just below the bass-reflex port. The designers attempted to remove maximum of details from the front panel. Even the mesh holders are on the fastening rings of drivers. As a result, the loudspeaker looks very neatly, strict and at the same time attractively. One of two identical 180-mm drivers with aluminum diffusers is used for MIDs, the other - for low frequencies. Well, high frequencies are played by 25-mm tweeter with the dome made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The crossover is set on the frequencies of 300 Hz and 3 kHz.

Canton Vento 807 DC has a deep, well-structured, very balanced and extraordinarily fast bass. Drum qualities, high energetic of the bottom at the playing of some styles of rock and electro music very impress. In the register there is no hint of looseness or deformation of the front of LF pulse. A fascinating feeling! Low instruments of classical set are expressive: double-bass group of the symphonic orchestra, lower register of organ. Tonal system is not fully neutral due to the ease metallization of high frequencies. Coloring weakens as the system warms up and is not perceived also because of acoustical habit. Sound image is close, perfectly articulated, especially in the upper case. Forming musical stage, Canton Vento 807 DC finds the tendency to enlarge virtual images, mainly, of the front plan.

Canton Vento 807 DC Floor standing speakers photo