Canton Chrono 509.2 DC Floor standing speakers

Chrono 509.2 DC is the older floor standing model from Chrono line and has three-way architecture with four emitters of the branded development. They are installed on the lacquered front panel and framed by metal rings. The diffusers of two 180-mm LF-drivers are made of aluminum alloy and there is a corrective chain (DC technology) to increase the depth of bass in crossover chain. Midrange emitter has the same caliber, also made of aluminum, but slightly differs by profile, optimized for the work in the specified spectrum. A light inch tweeter's dome made of aluminum-magnesium alloy is enclosed into a small horn, which optimizes the directivity of radiation. The speaker systems are equipped with convenient gilt terminals and allow connecting to an amplifier via two-wire circuits.

Chrono 509.2 DC undoubtedly qualifies as "German sound". This is, first of all, perfectly adjusted tonal balance without any signs of non-linearity across the whole working band. Among the obvious advantages of this pair we should also note extremely high resolution (especially on the borders of the range) and a confident macro-dynamics. The transfer of MIDs, to a large extent, also doesn't cause special claims. Voices of performers are extremely clear, instrumental timbres are recognizable. Minuses are Nordic coldness, slight deficit of emotions. Sound stage is one of the most spectacular, with correct positioning of images and consistent scale.

Canton Chrono 509.2 DC Floor standing speakers photo