Canton Chrono SL 590.2 Floor standing speakers

Three-way model Canton Chrono SL 590.2 is one of the two older floor speaker systems in the series. The systems have bass-reflex acoustic design and the air port is at the bottom, between the body's base and a massive supporting plate. Bass range is laid upon two drivers of the branded construction. Woofers are equipped with 180-mm rigid but at the same time lightweight diffusers made of aluminum alloy, mounted on elastic Wave Surround suspension. Midrange driver is made by the similar technology and also equipped with an aluminum membrane. The tweeter's construction is also not usual - an inch aluminum dome (aluminum + magnesium) is enclosed into a small horn, which optimizes a polar pattern. The specified range of this driver impresses - the upper border reaches 40 kHz.

The sound is kept in the corporate style and differs by minimal coloring in the whole range. Overall dynamics is perfect, the middle is with high resolution, top is extremely accurate and detailed. Meanwhile, the edges of currently playing band may sometimes seem to be slightly emphasized, but due to this the sound is even more spectacular. Canton Chrono SL 590.2 presents bass very confidently and accurately. We can commend here not only its depth and decent energy, but also an amazing firing rate of individual low-frequency components. At high volume noticeable degradation of the playback does not happen; changes appear only in the form of more callous upper frequencies.

Sound stage is scaled, positions of the instruments are withstood properly. However, near edges of space, the images are slightly enlarged.

Canton Chrono SL 590.2 Floor standing speakers photo