Canton Ergo 700 DC Floor standing speakers

A shiny layer of synthetic lacquer on the panels of Ergo 700 DC is similar to the one on expensive cars. Loudspeaker is classical Canton. We see the familiar graded junctions of the body, black velvet on the faceplate and, surely, metallic protective and decorative grills. The bodies are filled with absorbent. The struts are installed inside, one of which reliably fixes the tube of bass reflex. Lower driver radiates up to 300 Hz, the upper one - to 3,5 kHz: unsymmetrical (by frequency) d'Appolito scheme is formed. Letter combination of DC (Displacement Control) means the presence of the filter of very low frequencies, which does not allow large spurious shifts of woofer diffusers, destructive for the clarity of bass.

Canton Ergo 700 DC can be characterized as the system of so-called "analytical" type. Such characterization is caused by accurate to pedantry work of the speaker system at MIDs, greatly harmonized with the activity of luxurious, but strict bass. Macro-dynamics of mid-low-frequency bunch leaves no chance for criticism. It's hard to imagine the situation when in normal living conditions volume is not enough and basses already start to "play" by distortions. The limit of neighbors' patience will happen earlier... The color of sound is cold that, probably, is caused by slight accents in the lower top (vocal vowels). But the matter is not about excessive rigidity, excessive brightness or emphasize of hissing sounds. The sound of chamber musical forms, solo instruments is perceived to be well detailed in high frequencies. Exactly in these cases the system shows its analytical talents to the greatest extent. High-frequency resolution of phonograms of large orchestras is noticeably weaker.

Canton Ergo 700 DC are powerful and reliable in all respects speaker systems. They perfectly play rock and jazz, confidently - classics. It sounds especially convincing at high volume, which allows unlocking great dynamical potential of low frequencies. Note that metallic grills do not almost affect sound image of the system, but reliably protects the membranes against, for example, vandalism of pets.

Canton Ergo 700 DC Floor standing speakers photo