Celestion F30 Floor standing speakers

Design of the system from fresh generation of F series by Celestion is in the style of the prototype, but changes in the construction were significant. The new F30 has bigger volume of acoustic design (in comparison with its predecessor - F3), new drivers are installed. MF/LF drivers are now equipped with the devices of phase correction of radiation. Crossovers were modified too. Exterior finish got a bit different color palette. Surely, magnetic shielding of all drivers was saved. F30 plays music with especially careful British (or maybe Danish) tonal balance. The pair plays "without nerve", slightly dry, but accurately, skillfully avoiding emotional extremes (both "ecstasy" and "apathy"). Bass is weighty enough, dense, but its internal structure is slightly simplified, schematic that can't be told about detailed presentation of other registers. In fragments, rich with active bass, low-frequency stream sometimes wants to add a bit more pressure by increasing its dynamical fullness. However, the overall positive impression about the system's sound is not spoiled. "Well-groomed" sound of new F30 favorably differs from more imposing, a little bit deliberate warm sound of its prototype - F3. The detailing of mid and high frequencies do not almost reduce even at high volume levels. Celestion F30 is neat musical floor speaker system of "analytical" type for small rooms. The system will successfully cope with any musical material too, but it will be fairer to use it for work on complex (multi-color) musical canvases.

Celestion F30 Floor standing speakers photo