Elac FS 68 Floor standing speakers

60 series of famous German manufacturer is the youngest of those which use aluminum diffusers. The mode FS 68 is made in quite traditional for this company manner: neat rectangular body, a small podium, securely protected by a metal mesh tweeter, aluminum diffusers with solid profile, neat protective mesh on metal pins. ELAC FS 68 is the older model in the line, that's why it has four emitters, divided into three bands. The tweeter is equipped with 25mm silk dome with cover, neodymium magnet, aluminum sound coil and magnet liquid, cooling it. Due to this the tweeter possesses not only high power but also flat AFC up to 20 kHz and higher. A small horn and protective mesh extend the orientation of the emitter. The basket of MF and LF speakers are aerodynamically optimized due to that distortions are reduced.

Elac demonstrates perfectly harmonious, well-balanced sound. The speaker systems transferred any music expressively and finely. FS 68 was excellent in responsible test - playing recordings of classics. Everything in sound of the German pair is on its place; it transferred music details clearly and focused. Elac's bass is clear, fast, dynamic - lower case of organ, jazz double-bass, bass drum in symphonic orchestra sounded expressively. Timbre's resolution a little bit falls short of ideal because of small and creating no unpleasant feelings predominance of metal.

Elac FS 68 Floor standing speakers photo