ELAC FS 127 Floor standing speakers

The model ELAC FS 127 has intensive construction of the body, and this allows to avoid any vibrations even at maximum volume level. Each body has two phase inverters: one is placed on the back wall, the other is aimed in the stand by bell (there is a backlash between the stand and the "cabinet"). You can make the connection of acoustic cables in any way: using straps between two pairs of powerful screw terminals or take them off, that means to connect the amplifier by bi-amping or bi-wiring scheme. The tweeters of the newest generation HT25 are applied in this series - they are domical, the diaphragm itself is a sound coil. The originators, which are responsible for low and mid frequencies, are equipped by double-layered diffusers made of aluminum and cellulose and, in the result, they have the pluses of metal and paper - inflexibility and small mass. The power of 120 W at 4 Ohm loading is a great indicator for so slim, floor acoustic systems. In low register the system can take 35 Hz, it is not deprived by basses.

Let test ELAC FS 127 in the capacity of front pair in acoustic family of home theatre. However, the central speaker and back satellite lines are made by other producers. Although, this do not answer the rule, saying that "one line of one brand is preferable for acoustics of home theatre"; it is not so critical. Anyway, the speakers achieved a team-work with other components and behave quite confidently. A solid, dynamical and bright sound plays realistically all nuances of film soundtracks. Audio collisions, crediting with shootings, explosions and blows sound lightly and energetically. Musical registration of soundtracks is clear and delicate where it needs. Good work! New acoustics, especially floor, is always an event. Because floor speakers exactly are the heart of home theatre, and in addition they are responsible for qualitative presentation of music. Therefore, it is necessary to test ELAC FS 127 in stereo. We take a lot of recordings of different styles and have such picture: the sound is impressive, detailed, energetic and very clear, almost crystal; the basses are defined and tangible. Professional monitors usually play in such manner. Many people will love German punctuality, but some will be disappointed. We have to confess that our pair is a bit cold - is it the price for metal in the originators? But, from the other hand, digital formats' lovers (we listen exactly to the compositions on CD and SACD) can hardly hope for analogue warm. Good lamp amplifier would help to find rational compromise.

The first and general recommendation: tie dowels (as the units) to the stand without fail for better isolation of acoustics with floor. Put coins under the dowels in order not to damage parquet or laminate. It will be good if you place the speakers on marble (granite, basalt) plates, and by this you will raise each module. The matter is that the tweeter in these speakers is situated not in the top of the body, but lower, between big dynamics, and if you sit quite high, the imbalance may be. However, this related likely to the work in stereo mode, and is not so important for sounding of film tracks. If you have a calm atmosphere at home (little children don't play in pirates all the time, there are no exotic animals), we recommend you to put the grilles off. The sound will be more detailed; appearance of your "titans" will please more your eye.

ELAC FS 127 Floor standing speakers photo