Elac 209 JET Floor standing speakers

A two-way 209 JET is floor speaker system of series 200 of the German ELAC. The system is equipped with the branded high-frequency head, which earlier has been already installed only in the models of High End class. The emitter is an accordion-fold thin membrane with the area of almost 60 square cm, on which conductive lanes of foil are covered in parallel. Very powerful neodymium magnets are used in JET tweeters. Such high-tech converters allow to significantly expand dynamical range of presentation of the upper case of sound image. A pair of heads with two-layered membranes forms a symmetrical D'Appolito scheme: 0,2 mm layer of foil is covered on the surface of a paper cone. The body's panels of this model are covered with the layer of polymer; natural veneer finish will cost $200 more.

The sound of Elac 209 JET gives a rear feeling of ozonized airiness. As if electrified image is full of concert shine. Concert recording of modern bands sound excellent: the image is perfectly rich with high-frequency details, noise of "coming off" people in the pit stalls as if make the listener a real member of a show. At the listening to classics sometimes there is the feeling of abundance of high-frequency details, which is especially noticeable at the playing of chamber compositions at high volume level - intelligibility reduces, perception of hissing sounds increases. Deep and powerful bass is very reliable. Extensive kick touches give rise to a very convincing feeling of presence at the concert. The images of big spaces are particularly impressive. At the mentioned features sound images, created by Elac 209 JET, the sound images are devoid of internal contradiction - sound turns out to be bright and unified. The stage is closed. The sense of power is high - the original transparency of the image hardly goes bad at the increasing of volume.

290 JET is quite a universal speaker system. But we want particularly recommend it to the lovers of modern music, bright and emotional sound. It is good if there is a lot of soft furniture in the listening room, the room itself is bigger.

Elac 209 JET Floor standing speakers photo