Marantz SR5002 AV-receiver

In a good film, in addition to screen stars, strong average performers, ready to cope with their assigned role, are held in deserved respect. SR5002 in the line of Marantz receivers are relative to such average performers - both by price and the place in models rank. If its oldest brothers - SR8002 and SR7002 - have built-in decoders for the newest audio formats such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, SR5002 (and the earlier SR4002) has more modest role - they can decode 7.1 Multichannel PCM. It is assumed that HD DVD and Blu-ray players will cope with the most complicated and important part of the work without receivers -they will read audio data from discsin new formats and will decode them, turning into multi-channel stream with more conventional pulse-code modulation (PCM).

For formats with lossless data compression the decoding, even PCM is still a difficult task because 7.1-channel audio streams have high requirements to the processor throughput, but SR5002 copes with this successfully. Its nominal output power is 7x90 W but this is with 8 Ohm, when the vast majority of producers give values at a load of 6 Ohm (or 4 Ohm) and just with two active channels. Amplification channel is realized completely on discrete elements, has supply unit with powerful transformer, filter capacitors of extended capacity and is able to give large currents in order to groove the most capricious speakers. In General, everything is made for a full due and according to those who pay attention to the sound quality and not just satisfy with theatrical sound effects.

Marantz SR5002 has three inputs and one HDMI 1.1 output. Its creators strongly emphasize that the receiver performs the functions of a repeater of input HDMI signals and do not just carry their cut-through switching like other competitors in this price niche. An average buyer can hardly grasp this difference, but after examining the device we can say that it not only transmits one of the three HDMI streams on the output, but also can extract audio signal on the way. And this means that you don't need to lay analog or digital audio cables in parallel with HDMI cables -something can be retrenched saving the sound quality. In each receiver's channel there is Crystal Semiconductor DAC to 192 kHz/24 bit and the most advanced circuit technique of digital signal processing. Separated sources power video paths, fluorescent display and also sound channel.

Marantz still continues to produce their SACD-players, so the receiver Marantz SR5002 obligatorily has the analog input (7.1) for direct connection of SACD-players. It looks well also in multi-room systems with its ability to transmit an amplified stereo signal to a pair of speaker systems in a second room and with linear output for another zone.

For lovers of listening to music we recommend not to forget about shutdown video mode - it helps to clear sound "foundation" from interference. There are Pure Direct button and the indicator on the front panel and if you push it once the inscription "Source direct" will appear. "Pure Direct" appears after double pushing. In these modes audio signal bypasses the chains of tone regulation and bass management, in the second one the indicator goes out after 2 seconds and nothing prevents you from listening to your favorite records.

Marantz SR5002 AV-receiver photo