Marantz SR5600 AV-receiver

In terms of price/quality ratio SR5600 can be considered to be one of the most successful models of the company. Marantz devices usually differ by good musicality, but cost a lot. However, this model, which came instead of perfectly accepted by buyers and critics SR5500, is not inferior to competitors by the equipment. The body is available in black and silver variants of color. By design the receiver doesn't particularly differ from other Marantz receivers of similar price category. The set of inputs/outputs is small - no HDMI or any digital input for signal from SACD or DVD-Audio, but in other respects there is nothing in SR5600 to be blamed for.

Functions. The set of decoders is impressive: in addition to standard Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and DPLIIx there are Dolby Headphones and the branded Circle Surround. The noticeable difference from the previous model is HDCD decoder. Synchronization with video is simplified due to the LipSync function (the user enters delay between video and sound). Digital-to-analog conversion is performed by 192kHz/24-Bit processor and a 32-bit chip from Cirrus Logic plays the role of DSP. Converter of video signal allows while connecting to TV to get by with one (component) bus.

Control. The branded MRAC sound autotuning system didn't find a use in this device. Therefore, the setup has to be done manually. However, good ergonomics of control elements and clear on-screen menus seriously simplify the task. The remote control is programmed, the layout of keys can't be called ideal, but it's easy to get used to it.

Recommendations. In stereo sound - traditionally a difficult area for receivers - the model leaves behind the most models in its price category and easily bears comparison with high-quality two-channel amplifiers. In terms of functionalities it didn't reach ceiling in its price category. But does it really matter? Our advice is you should listen to this model. Whose, who use home cinema not only for movies, will appreciate SR5600.

Marantz SR5600 AV-receiver photo