Marantz SR480 AV-receiver

Communication with Marantz SR480 goes like with a well-known friend. While working with it the impression arises quickly: everything is very convenient and thoughtful. Convenient arrangement of controls, convenient use of settings, conveniently grouped connectors on the rear panel. The number of AV inputs is sufficient for building any home audio complex: three audio inputs, five groups of "video plus stereo", one of which is on the front panel, and, of course, a six-channel input for digital Surround systems. For the same channels, there are outputs from preamps that will be useful for fans of experiments with additional power amplifiers. Marantz SR480 has the possibility to connect one front pair of loudspeakers; all loudspeakers are connected via screw terminals. A usual set of Surround-functions are available: Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby 3 Stereo and processing stereo signals for Theater and Hall. To adjust the surround channels on the remote control there are separate buttons for adjusting the levels of the surround and center channels. Although this approach increases the number of buttons on the console, but in practice it is very convenient and actual.

Pro Logic forms well a uniform spatial sound picture, but a certain pedantry goes from this uniformity, as if all sharp edges and corners are rounded. However, surprisingly, the clarity of localization of virtual sound sources does not suffer from this. The sound at the connecting of AC-3 seemed to be close to natural, although there was no complete unanimity among the experts in this respect. Naming the sound of SR480 comfortable, some experts tried to find words in thoughtfulness: what was missing for complete happiness? Maybe brightness and fireworks? The sound of Marantz SR480 gives a feeling of restrained strength, solidity and dignity. In stereo mode the amplifier performed well when playing both female vocals and instrumental processing. At the same time, easily and gently coping with the powerful electronic bottoms of organ and guitar, it a bit tightly conveyed powerful kicks of the big drum of the symphony orchestra, extending the scale of what was happening artificially. The tuner showed a confident reception and good sound quality.

Marantz SR480 AV-receiver photo