Marantz SR4500 AV-receiver

The front panel of Marantz SR4500 receiver is decorated in traditional, "symmetrical" style. Big handle on the left is the input selector, the right one is responsible for volume control. Under the display there are call button of additional modes and multi-functional "cross", answering not only for tuner setting, but also for navigation in the setting menu. There are multi-channel 7.1 inputs/outputs.

Functions. DSP modes for listening to both the originally multi-channel sound material and simple stereo, for example, when viewing video tapes, are interesting. Virtual mode is provided for mono signal. The tuner is also worth noting, the feature of which is not only direct enter of frequency, but also enter the names of radio stations (up to 10 symbols).

Control. Control over setting is performed only with the standard display (no OSD), but you can activate most of the modes, including menu navigation, from the remote control and front panel. At first, we recommend you to read the instructions, because some of them are not obvious.

Recommendations. Marantz SR4500 receiver will please the lovers of seven-channel sound (there is the possibility to use the receiver as 7.1 processor) and fans of radio.

Marantz SR4500 AV-receiver photo