Marantz SR5400 AV-receiver

Rationally and minimalistic approach of the designers inspires with respect. Function capabilities of Marantz SR5400 receiver are slightly limited, but this only worked for it: setting algorithm was simplified, the scope of the device was determined more precisely. It has six amplification channels and does not sound the second room. It has everything you need to provide the discerning listener with high quality sound. The sources of audio and video signals are grouped randomly, the volume on all analog inputs is set to one level; when you turn on headphones, 5.1/6.1 signals are mixed to two-channel one with min losses (TruSurround Headphone mode), the tuner has a lot of station choice modes. A special attention was paid to playback of SACD-Multichannel/DVD-Audio - 5.1-input is made adjustable (rare opportunity); you can turn off not only timbres, but also all video circuits (up to display), so that nothing would interfere with the sound. By virtue of universal RC-5 control bus, the receiver is able to combine several AV-devices into complex. The remote control is programmed, controls only eight components; if the manufacturer code is unknown, you can match it. Unfortunately, the remote control is not conspicuous by ergonomics: there is no highlighting of small, closely-spaced buttons with illegible inscriptions. Conclusion: Marantz SR5400 is universal receiver, will work successfully in home theatre and at the playing of music. We recommend the model Marantz SR5400 to the owners of SACD-DVD-Audio-players.

Marantz SR5400 AV-receiver photo