KEF iQ5 Floor standing speakers

And here again we can define the difference between senior and junior floor models, which belong to one series, but now on the example of the products of the British KEF. We remind that the new iQ7 distinguished by smooth tonal balance, high sensitivity and clear transfer of dynamical contrasts. What can we expect from iQ5?

These speaker systems have the same three-way scheme (only crossover frequencies slightly differ), bass-reflex loading with the rounded port on the faceplate and horseshoe-shaped body, which contacts with floor through the profiled legs. The differences are visible only in sizes. The system's body is made narrower in width and has significantly smaller internal volume. The woofer with cellulose driver as well as UniQ head with the diffuser, made of metalized polymer, is reduced from 165 to 135 mm. At first glance, these changes should lead only to deterioration of "quantitative" parameters of sound. And how is it in reality?

The key difference is sensitivity. iQ5 requires much more input power than older ones in iQ series, but they sound not less convincing and dynamical. The loss of few decibels in maximal developed pressure is not noticeable, but the system saved the ability to transfer a powerful contrast - there is no hint of compression! The character of playing discants hasn't changed too - high band is open, luxuriously detailed and linear. Even bass seems not to lose fundamentality. The lowest components are well perceptible; structure and powerful energy are felt in the operating band (80-150 Hz). However, small boomy side-tones appeared which slightly obscure the lower middle range. Some changes are also felt in the area, where the sound is played by UniQ - now, positive. The sound is perceived as more clean and complete - slight horn tint completely ceased to be noticeable, voice sibilants sound more accurate and natural. The stage causes more trust too - it is pushed forward and deeper on the edges of stereo base. What are our conclusions? Perhaps, for the lovers of chamber and choral music iQ5 would be more interesting.

KEF iQ5 Floor standing speakers photo