KEF Q35 Floor standing speakers

The KEF Uni-Q35 is a two-way coaxial speaker system with a bass reflex port on the front panel. The soft dome tweeter, 19 mm in diameter, is mounted coaxially with the low-frequency cone (Uni-Q technology). The diameter of the woofer with a polypropylene cone is 160 mm. The horn nozzle of the phase inverter is pressed close to the driver. Such an organization of the front panel of the speaker brings to its logical conclusion the idea of spatial association of sources, aimed at ensuring a high homogeneity of the acoustic field. The recommended power range of the amplifier is 10-100 W, the rated power is 100 W. Bi-wiring and bi-amping connections are provided. The system is magnetically protected. The design study of the speaker system deserves high praise. The translucent diffuser draws the eye. The system should look wonderful in the semi-darkness of a cozy room with well-thought-out lighting... The developers did not disregard the fight against diffraction either: the front panel is slightly curved. The speaker system dimensions are 202x837x254 mm. The frequency response gives a portrait of a wonderful, vibrant system. The range of medium, moderately low and moderately high frequencies looks just great. Here, the average unevenness of the characteristic does not exceed +/-1.5 dB. The merit in this is not only good electrodynamic heads and electronic entourage. A complex infrastructure of acoustic design that suppresses the wave resonances of the body, reliably damped walls make it possible to cope with excessive contrast in this frequency range. And strings, and keyboards, and brass, and vocals will receive a bright and strict interpretation. A local minimum of sensitivity around 12 kHz will not spoil anything, and a barely noticeable tendency towards an increase in average sensitivity in the upper part of the range only decorates the sound. The measured directivity is another argument in favor of coaxial systems. High field uniformity, coupled with the presence of magnetic protection, practically eliminates the problem of speaker placement. System sensitivity is high - 91 dB. The measured characteristic of the input resistance module has the following parameters: average value (in the range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz) - 7.4 ohms, minimum - 3 ohms, standard deviation - 5 ohms. The nominal value of the impedance given in the datasheet is 6 ohms. Bass reflex tuning frequency - 45 Hz. According to the description, the section frequency is 3.3 kHz.

KEF Q35 Floor standing speakers photo