KEF iQ90 Floor standing speakers

The older model of iQ90 line can boast of a significantly modified Uni-Q module. Now a new tweeter with 19-mm membrane, which has the enhanced playing band and portioned waveguide "tangerine" for expanding a polar pattern, is used in this module. In addition, it performs another useful function - protects the finest diffuser from touch of too curious family members.

Low-frequency section is presented by two woofers of 6.5 inch caliber, which work in bass-reflex loading. These improved heads have diffusers made of composite material, which with a minimal weight provide a necessary rigidity and the lack of bending distortion. Magnetic system here is of increased power and the basket is completely cast from aluminum alloy, effectively removing heat from sound coil.

The body has also undergone serious changes: from inside it became now much closer to the models of Reference series, i.e. much more inert. This is achieved by the system of internal ties and a number of special measures of additional damping of walls.

The sound of updated speaker systems saved clarity and transparency of the predecessors, but unlike them we should note much more noticeable composure in iQ90, especially in the lower part of the range. Bass of iQ90 is very accurate and clear, without any signs of monotony, which many modern systems have. The most pleasing thing is that all these advantages are smoothly complemented with confident playing of the deepest basses. Vocal parties in their presentation are perceived absolutely like alive, as if the signer was really in the listening room. Against this background, the tweeter's sound seems to be a bit rough - sometimes discants are slightly impoverished and plates are not enough transparent. Listening to test CDs, I couldn't find the genre preferences of these speaker systems, so they can be confidently called universal.

The strong side of iQ90 is also a formation of sound space. It is drawn so convincingly that no criticism is to be left. The only necessary condition for getting an outstanding stage is a correct positioning of the speaker systems in the listening room.

KEF iQ90 Floor standing speakers photo