KEF Q900 Floor standing speakers

Uni-Q module of the last generation is used in KEF Q900. In the center of 200-mm aluminum dome there is a 38-mm tweeter, framed by Tangerine waveguide. There are three bass drivers and only one of them is active. All of them have the diameter of 20 cm. Passport data are impressive: due to significant increase of body's volume the lower border of playing reached 32 Hz that quite corresponds to the possibilities of an average subwoofer.

The sound manner of the system combines the highest energy and nice plasticity in all registers. Tonal balance is perceived to be smooth enough, only with a slight fall into bass area. In truth, Q900 is able to play almost subwoofer by depth bass and without reverbs. However, when you increase the level, side-tones of the body may arise, but they do not radically affect the sound. Tweeter produces lots of details and differs by high detailing; there is no hint of aggression in its work. KEF Q900 creates a large-scale and extremely homogeneous sound field with the precise location of imaginary sources. True holography appears in the recordings of audiophile quality.

KEF Q900 Floor standing speakers photo