Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 Floor standing speakers

Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 is 2.5-way floor closed back speakers with passive radiator. Its body has a complex hexagonal cross-section which can be described as a trapezoid, diverging to the front with cut edges. This not only gave the speaker systems an original and romantic look but also has become a means for minimizing of spurious reflections and standing waves inside the body. The speaker system is equipped by 150 mm MF/LF dynamics with polymer diffusor. Diffusor's suspension has an elliptical profile that allows the speaker to save the piston operating mode at the maximum oscillating amplitude. Passive radiator is made on the base of similar speaker, so we can talk about its full consistency with the rest of heads - from constructive point of view and purely aesthetically. 25mm tweeter is installed in a small horn design, optimizing its sound. The crossover has the frequencies range of 400 and 4500 Hz and the range of playing frequencies is 40 - 20 000 Hz. Impedance of Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 has the most versatile face value: 6 Ohm. Not the last parameter of any acoustics is its sensitivity. Quite a high meaning of 90 dB is declared in this case. Incoming power can vary in the limits of one order - from 10 to 100 W. However, why have the developers achieve such outstanding indications? Everything is explained quite simply. Consumer group to which they were guided is young people and that's why such serious demands to the characteristics, appearance and construction reliability appeared. Installed in Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 speakers are able to operate at maximum volume for hours, the speakers itself differ by quite stylish appearance and high sensitivity in combination with average meaning of impedance will provide smooth coordination and high volume at using almost any power amplifier. The preview during the process of placement already showed that low-frequency range is given too generalized and dull. But the acoustics is equipped with small metallic studs, the use of which was justified - bass became much more concentrated and focused. The amount of bass returned to normal by changing the distance between the loudspeaker and the wall -in our test lab its level turned out to be adequate at a relatively small distance. And when we removed them from main walls for more than 2 feet, this pair showed literally a shelf bass - neat but not deep at all. Selected appropriate places for speaker systems, we started the listening. Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 demonstrated very dynamic and quite hard sound. High frequencies were bright, piercing and radiates by a fairly narrow beam, the middle turned out to be much less visible and palpable, all its density and elasticity lost somewhere between sonorous tops and assertive, energetic bass. Due to this electronica, rock and pop looked much more natural and organic than jazz or classical. In the last case small compounds showed themselves well. Among positive points a very good micro and macro-dynamics, inherent in Wharfedale Vardus VR-400, should be mentioned. They can easily compete with much more serious and expensive colleagues. But speaking about detailing, everythingturned out to be very ambiguous. A simple test material was reproduced sufficiently detailed and clear, while in the performance of large-scale classical and jazz works artistic sense was lost, because the sounds were merged into a single and not too picky audio stream.

Wharfedale Vardus VR-400 Floor standing speakers photo