Wharfedale Evo2-30 Floor standing speakers

It is quite strange but it's a fact - we began studying Wharfedale Evo2-30 with... reading of instructions! It is the first in our practice case when the manufacturer, in addition to cautions and characteristics, give a full electrical circuit to all models and even electromechanical parameters for the used drivers. This openness impresses even whose, who are not interested in technical part, and it speaks of the fact that Wharfedale has reached such a technological advantage over the others that can not be afraid of copying. The newest mid-woofers, designed for playing with less distortion, have, for example, Kevlar diffusers and a cunning magnetic system - High Flux - well, try to find their analogues... A fabric 25-mm tweeter is also unusual, which looks like a decoration and has at the same time impressive data. Just take the body alone! High-quality speaker terminals, perfect finish, platform with spikes, U-shaped profile... This form of the body contributes to lesser coloring of sound, and also additional measures are taken to fight against internal resonances - the walls are damped.

The sound doesn't leave doubts - Wharfedale Evo2-30 may serve as the example among the loudspeakers with the price up to 1000 dollars. The shortcomings are absolutely insignificant. For example, in a narrow area of low middle frequencies the playback has a bit less informative character than in neighboring bands. And a slight spatial enlargement of imaginary sources, being at the edges of stereo base, is seen in the sound stage. But how good advantages are! Background plans of the sound stage are perfectly focused. Tonal characteristics are balanced literally according to the handbook and have smooth, slight (and necessary) rise in the area of high frequencies. There are no bodies' side tones at all. The lack of aggressive or, on the contrary, dull color speaks of smooth frequency response, which has no local dips or splashes. And dynamical qualities are wonderful and not only at extreme levels, but at micro level too - you get a clear attack and accurate transfer of details.

Wharfedale Evo2-30 Floor standing speakers photo