Wharfedale Jade 5 Floor standing speakers

Jade 5 is a three-band construction with innovative acoustic loading, which the English engineers call aperiodic membrane. Dynamical heads were specially designed for these systems. This is a pair of 165 mm woofers with diffusers, woven from Acufibre, combining high rigidity with the ability to effectively suppress spurious vibrations. Mid-high-frequency unit is formed by an inch tweeter with aluminum dome and by 76-mm head of the diffuser. The company underlines that the crossover is absolutely phase-linear and configured as accurately as possible. Claims are minimal to tonal balance - the speaker systems show almost complete linearity. Mid and high-frequency parts of the spectrum are incredibly transparent and clear. The clarity of voices doesn't lose even against the background of powerful guitar passages and rumble of the bass. Female voice completely natural, slightest aspirations of cantatrice are heard, but sometimes sibilants still call attention. You can try to play here with different acoustic cables. Bass register, performed by Jade 5, has an interesting feature. Generally, low frequencies are very massive and quite well executed, but sometimes there is a lack of explosive power and mobility. Sound stage is accurate and spreads out far beyond the perimeter of speaker systems' placement. The canvas is clearly divided according to plans, almost without losing localization.

Wharfedale Jade 5 Floor standing speakers photo