Wharfedale Diamond 155 Floor standing speakers

Less expensive in production 2,5-way scheme in floor standing Diamond 155. Bass-reflex was used as acoustic design and the ports are placed to the bottom wall and communicate with the exterior medium through a gap between the base plate and body. Light and durable Kevlar with antiresonant coating was used for the manufacture of diffusers of 165-mm low-frequency drivers. In contrast to "pure" fiber such material provides smoother frequency response and smaller resonances. The tweeter also has unusual construction, an inch fabric dome of which is placed in a distinctive horn. In addition to increase of return, this solution affects the character of radiation too, expanding the area of stereo effect.

Overall tonal balance of Wharfedale Diamond 155 speaker system is perceived by the ear as slightly darkened, with a slight accent in low frequencies. Voice spectrum is somewhat taken back seat, but despite of this the character and nuances of soloists are conveyed brilliant. The main details of musical picture are perfectly drawn, but tiny details are lost at times. The tweeter's work seemed to be peculiar. It accurately draws individual details of audio picture, sometimes losing at the same time light, airy components. The construction of virtual space occurs with typical for this brand virtuosity. The stage is perfectly read by width and has the signs of deep formation in depth; significant errors in positions of imaginary images were not found.

Wharfedale Diamond 155 Floor standing speakers photo