Elac FS 207 Floor standing speakers

ELAC FS 207 is a floor speaker system of 200th series, representing the "subtype" with a dome tweeters (some models of the series have the branded JET-tweeters). The heads are placed by a classical symmetrical d'Appolito scheme. The ELAC pride is two-layered woofer/midrange diffusers: an aluminum dome membrane with the thickness of 0.2 mm is glued to the cellulose base. An aluminum dome and framework of high-frequency sound coil are integrally formed by stamping. Thus, radiating membrane of the tweeter works as an effective radiator cooling system for sound coil that significantly increases the reliability of the tweeter while working at high volume. The body is tightly filled with sound absorber. There are two bass-reflex ports on the back panel, which work on total volume. The filters of second and third order plus circuits of impedance correction are used in the system. Woofer/midrange speakers are equipped with magnetic screens, but it is still not recommended to place them close to TV - unshielded large ferrite magnet of the tweeter can cause interference. Spikes, height-adjustable legs with rubber supporting surface and even personal for them metal key are included.

The signature of 207th noticeably differs from the signature of the flagship of the series - 209th. It is absolutely clear that this difference is mainly determined by the usage of substantially different tweeters. 207th plays softer; the system never allows hard shades. It draws high-frequency details especially plastically, so it seems that the manner of its work is perfectly consistent with melodic musical forms. Sometimes there is the feeling that the system even tends to soften the sharp sound movements, which are present in different source material. Accuracy of tonal balance immediately has its effect on classics. Everywhere is clear. Tonal gamma, giving an accurate portrait of the instrument, is meticulously transferred. Vocal parties sound expressively and soulfully. Neat, though not too deep bass quite significantly takes part in sound events, but sometimes you want more life-affirming pressure from it. Ideal working conditions are comfort volume level. Bass becomes noticeably coarser at high levels and the detailing of MIDs decreases.

ELAC 207 is a neat speaker system, which quite carefully relates to the material of the source material. Chamber and vocal classics, jazz sound very cute in its performance. You can successfully use the system in both large and small rooms.

Elac FS 207 Floor standing speakers photo