Monitor Audio Silver 5i Floor standing speakers

Absolutely adorable are the representatives of the Monitor Audio "Silver Series". All in wood, on neat foundations, they fascinate with the glow of the golden domes which stand out on the silver-matte background of the ceramic diffusers. In all the series' systems the Coated Ceramic Aluminium Magnesium technology is used for the manufacture of driver membranes - a proprietary composite material based on ceramics and magnesium alloyed with aluminum, which significantly increases the resistance of large diaphragms to harmful bending. The brand's midrange speakers' ability to retain the piston mode of radiation up to very high frequencies can facilitate energy conditions of the tweeter's work by shifting up the lower limit of its frequency range. The bodies of the speakers are highly rigid. An option to fill the body with loose ballast is provided. The system is equipped with magnetic shielding, has the most compact dimensions in the compilation and the largest number of finishes.

The system's sound is perceived as tonally well balanced. Sometimes it may feel like a mild overdose of "high frequency freshness", but - just a little. The hearing isn't strained by any accents. However, the details, large and small, are easily distinguishable. A large symphony orchestra feels cozy in a listening room of a given size, there isn't that overwhelming scale, but there is no simplifying intimacy either. Although the system keeps the bass in check, there is no experience of low-frequency inferiority: a small effort of the imagination - and the big drum takes its proper position in the orchestra. Consistency of bass can be considered proven by dynamic contemporary music, too. Jazz forms also feel quite complete. The timbre richness of instruments is conveyed by "the Silver Five" with high accuracy. Even at a very high volume the voices of "subtle" instruments retain individuality, do not mix into an indifferent mass. Loved the violin, no less - the saxophone. The system definitely knows how to work with a human voice. Clear articulation of vocal parties stimulates the development of presence, the artist clearly separated from the accompanying background, the spatial structure of which retains a good resolution. No need to overload - the transparency of the image below is reduced. However, on a comfortable volume - no complaints.

The best performance by Silver 5i is demobstrated on chamber music forms: "live" classic pieces sound very nice, jazz sounds impressive and exciting. The system is tolerant of different acoustic characteristics of the listening room, but in a too big room the sound may feel "lost".

2.5-way bass reflex. Dimensions - 810x200x215 mm (31.9"x7.8"x8.4"), weight - 12 kg (26 lbs). Speakers: two 130-mm (5") drivers with conical diffusers, tweeter with 25 mm (1") dome. Crossover frequency - 2 kHz, 5 kHz. Peak electrical power delivered 100 watts nominal impedance - 8 ohms.

Price: $640
Monitor Audio Silver 5i Floor standing speakers photo