Monitor Audio Bronze 3 Floor standing speakers

In order to achieve a perfectly smooth frequency response the British Monitor Audio uses very sophisticated technologies and materials even in relatively inexpensive models. The space for ballast is provided. Terminals are universal. According to the developers, the feature of Bronze loudspeakers is the construction of tweeter with composite membrane, which provides a piston working mode in wide range of frequencies.

When the speakers play any music material, the hearing immediately notices an excellent tonal balance of the picture. This impression is persistently kept during operation at almost all energy modes. Another valuable advantage, which is rarely met in more expensive speaker systems, is that Monitor Audio Bronze 3 has a mature bass. The clarity of the lower middle is maintained up to very high volume levels and noticeably reduces only in extreme energy modes, with which it is forbidden to listen to home speaker systems on health and moral grounds. At comfortable volume the stage is absolutely uniform, hearing clearly fixes the instrumental groups in space, and there is the feeling of depth (distance). I would like to especially note a monolithic unity of middle and unusually pure, for this price category, high frequencies. Any modern music is played absolutely confidently, with a big reserve of quality.

Monitor Audio Bronze 3 is a successful variant of universal speaker system for a demanding, well-trained ear. There are no any doubts that it will perfectly cope with "front" duties in home cinema. The system doesn't impose special requirements to listening room, but it is more rational to use it in small and medium-sized rooms.

Monitor Audio Bronze 3 Floor standing speakers photo