Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20 Floor standing speakers

GR20 in the Gold Reference series are not the largest, but attractive by price. Midrange driver and woofer with a special texture of the diffuser's surface are made of metal composites and each works on its own volume. Gold anodized dome of the tweeter, C-CAM, is closed with an acoustically transparent grill.

It takes even some time to understand how to begin the description of Monitor Audio GR20 sound. They have no noticeable weak point. By the way, there are no any catchy features. These are amazingly balanced by all important as well as secondary qualities systems.

British loudspeakers play bass clearly, extremely convincingly, without avoiding weak, but important in terms of music harmonics, necessary to transfer the flavor. I'm not sure that the lower range of Monitor Audio GR20 starts from 30 Hz as stated in the manual, but higher 50 Hz the frequency response, by subjective feelings, goes as if down the line.

I would describe the midrange band as refined. There is no hint on coloring, no dust or pressure - the sound is free, naked and extremely intelligible. The definition "honest" is the most suitable to describe the upper range. Discants are natural, there is no aggression and the highest components are without a hint on veil. In comparison with the top speaker systems of the 90s from Monitor Audio, which is still remembered as the standard of old years, the sound character of tweeters became to be perceived as more mature, restrained and accurate.

Nevertheless, as a man, who tested more than one pair of Monitor Audio products, I should mention shortcomings too. They refer not only to build quality. It happens that the polarity of tweeters can be confused or baskets of drivers are screwed not securely enough. Because of vibrations the mounts of acoustic terminals were weakened in the samples we had for testing.

Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20 Floor standing speakers photo