Monitor Audio Bronze B4 Floor standing speakers

The second from the top model of budget line of Monitor Audio is Bronze B4. The quality of acoustic design makes a very good impression: a hard case made of MDF is reinforced by partitions; despite of small sizes the speaker system weigh 18 kg. The membranes of emitters are made of well-proven branded MMP composites (metal-polymer) and Coated Ceramic Aluminium Magnesium - "the sandwich" made of ceramics, aluminum and magnesium. Both woofer/midrange drivers radiate in-phase at low frequencies, but only the mid radiator works up to 2.5 kHz. The system is equipped with two bass-reflexes - one port is on the facade, the second one at the very bottom of the back panel and both are connected with overall internal volume. Unlike many MA models, Bronze B4 hasn't got a ballast compartment.

The sound is neat and typically "rounded" at low volume. It seems that there is a little lack of the highest frequencies. But already at the comfortable level the tonal balance is restored, and the feeling of fullness appears. The brightest impressions from the system appear due to its dexterity at midrange arsenal. You can see the transfer quality of any vocal parties and dynamics of large orchestral forms, not burdened by excess bass. Speaking about bass, the system apparently is not designed for playing of low-frequency perturbations of Bach organ music pieces, but it is not required from a small floor speaker system.

The areas where the talents of Bronze B4 will fully open are chamber classics, instrumental, jazz, vocal and choral compositions. All of these can be achieved even in small rooms without any damage to quality. The system is advantageous for music lovers and audiophiles, who appreciate accuracy and clarity of sound and become aware of the fact that all of these with radically deep bass are almost impossible in home conditions.

Monitor Audio Bronze B4 Floor standing speakers photo