Monitor Audio Bronze BR6 Floor standing speakers

Bronze series is the youngest in the assortment of premium speaker system of this famous British manufacturer. However, the most modern technologies, materials and design methods are used in it.

Monitor Audio Bronze BR6 are 2.5-way speaker systems, i.e. one 140-mm LF-driver plays only bass and the second one, just the same - a part of midrange. This allows to get deeper and more energetic bass and optimal arrangement of low and middle bands. The diffusers of these drivers are pressure-cast from the branded MMP II polymer, consisting of polypropylene and aluminum powder. Midrange driver is placed into a separate chamber, isolated from the overall volume. An inch dome is also not simple - it is made of the branded C CAM composite, alloy of magnesium and aluminum with ceramic coating and subsequent plating. This allowed to expend the frequency range up to 30 kHz and to significantly reduce distortions.

Acoustic design is bass-reflex and note that one port is placed forward, the second - to the back. Foam plugs are included. The bodies of BR6 have nice proportions and covered with film, very reminding of natural walnut veneer.

Listening. Monitor Audio Bronze BR6 has kept the company's hallmark. Firstly, this is dense, balanced sound with detailed upper range and powerful dynamics. BR6 showed no music preferences at any test fragments. These speaker systems are moderately delicate for chamber music, but have quite enough drive for catching flow of rock and big symphonic orchestras. But, the upper middle seems to be slightly blocked and a slight veil is felt at HF, masking all nuances. Because of this the sound of grand piano is dry and there is not enough air in the formed space.

However, the stage itself can be considered to be almost ideal by both scale and detailing. Imaginary sources are arranged across its entire length and even at high frequencies they are absolutely not tied to the tweeters. The space becomes really three-dimensional at some recordings.

Bass is not very deep, but perfectly controllable and organized. Kick is fast, with sharp attack and natural reverberations. Side-tones of the body or whistle of bass-reflex are not heard. Dynamics is not limited (within due limits of course), so the sound seems to be free and open. Timbre clarity is kept even at high volume levels.

Monitor Audio Bronze BR6 Floor standing speakers photo