Yamaha RX-V1600 AV-receiver

In 2005 the company Yamaha presented the line of THX-receivers. All models had success, but the developers, decided not to rest on laurels and introduced the second generation of devices. In the nearest consideration, it occurred that the receiver Yamaha RX-V1600 is the cheapest one from the line and it differs from its forerunner RX-V1500 by increased power transformer and commutator of HDMI interface. The latter one works only with two sources, but it can transform any analogue signal (even composite) into digital (576 p) and feed it to the HDMI output. If you have a projector or a flat panel with HDMI-interface, you will substantially save on cables. Naturally, the output video signal can be component color signal, S-Video or composite. The packaging process of home cinema is easy and pleasant in many respects due to spacious location of acoustic clamps and special spanner in a complete set (there is a special place for it on the back panel). The second difference is in design: the front panel acquired a noble laconism. It is necessary to mention the advanced facilities, connected with application of device in AV-system. The receiver can read three zones; however, the majority of its competitors can read only two. (But, if you want to use the receiver from second or third zones, you will be necessary to use the retransmitter of IR light signal, which is not included in a complete set.) In sight there is also a connector RS-232C, which is used to link-up the system bus control and the auxiliary remote control. There are not other differences, but it is not an imperfection, as RX-V1500 still remains the impressive device. The company's automatic tuning system YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) is passed from it to a new model. In comparison with Z9 receiver, here we have the limited possibilities of bench finishing characteristics, but it does not influence on installation. The system copes with its charges in automatic mode very good, as it precisely controls not only volume and delays, but phase and frequency range of loudspeakers. Our experts checked the results of adjustment with the help of separate indicator of sound pressure and they were pleasantly surprised. One more peculiarity of Yamaha receivers is presence of two additional front channels, so-called presence channels. The proper audio track by DVD is not provided, but DSP-processor pick out the information for them from front signal. The authors of this scheme affirm that in Presence channels directs those effects, which sound producer decided to "place" as far as possible away from the viewer. According to the method of placement the loudspeakers resemble the rear speakers: they should be set at the same level (1.8 m (70") above the floor), but at the front they should be installed above the front loudspeakers. The only disadvantage of realization of such a scheme in given receiver - there are only seven amplifiers for nine couples of acoustic clamps. As a result, the user should decide, what six and seven amplifiers will read (Presence channels, rear back channels or additional zone). They can be also used to connect the front acoustics by bi-amping scheme, thereby improving the quality of stereo sound or they can be used for additional zone in multi-room scheme. Yamaha RX-V1600 has a great power (120 w is quite enough on channel even for big room). The screen menu is unpretentious, but quite intuitive. Together with receiver there are also two remote controls: fully functional and lite. The latter can be used for control from additional zone. Richness of the sound, especially in bass range, the size of sound scene, localization are at high level. The magnificent picture created by receiver. In films with abundant actions the receiver will create exactly checked picture and it seems as if you listen to devices of High End class. Only music playback, but not in all genres does not reach the level of High End. On a very quiet material one can distinguish the impact of digital processing circuits - even in the Pure Direct, when all transmitters, in theory, should be disabled. However, it is necessary to mention that only very expensive loudspeakers can reveal this difference, but they cannot be in complete set with Yamaha RX-V1600. Meanwhile, the energy with which the hard rock is operated will impress the most demanding music lover. DVD-Audio playback is beyond praise. This receiver had gone not so far from previous model, but most of the competitors are over its head, not only on the equipment, but also the sound quality. Thanks to the Pure Direct mode it is easy to recommend it for replacement, even a stereo amplifier of medium category - provided that the owner likes loud, rich bass music. Power reserve allows the device to run in any floorstand acoustics easily.

Price: $1100
Yamaha RX-V1600 AV-receiver photo