Yamaha RX-V540RDS AV-receiver

The front panel of the latest Yamaha units is clearly divided by two triangular grooves into operating areas, making it easy to find the right control. The initial setup of the Yamaha RX-V540RDS receiver is made only from the remote control according to the indications of the fluorescent display (there are no on-screen menus). In an attempt to simplify the installation procedure, the developers divided it into two algorithms: you can configure only the main parameters through the basic (Basic) menu or all parameters through the so-called sound (Sound) advanced menu. For some reason, one of the main parameters is the volume balance between speaker combinations (center / left front, center / rear, etc.). It seems that most users will prefer the traditional volume control in each channel, since this is provided. The functionality of the Yamaha RX-V540RDS can be considered exemplary: there is even a five-band equalizer for the center channel signal. It is possible to link any digital input to any analog input, and a component video input to any AV input. But the most original is a video converter that converts a composite signal to S-video (and vice versa). The remote control is programmable, controls, in addition to the receiver, nine devices. It has five working zones, which are unlikely to be sorted out on the move. The device is definitely designed to work in a home theater (a leader in decoding quality) and at the same time has excellent features of the built-in PCM decoder. Therefore, it is better to listen to music from a CD with a digital player connection.

Yamaha RX-V540RDS AV-receiver photo