Yamaha RX-V1500 AV-receiver

Yamaha RX-V1500, equipped with a seven-channel amplifier with excellent technical data, complies with the THX Select specifications. The back wall also indicates that the device is not unusual - pay attention at least to the presence of terminals for connecting additional loudspeakers (it is installed as a front, only higher and at a greater distance from the listener). Under the front cover you will find a jack for connecting the microphone of the YPAO auto-calibrator, which in a couple of minutes completely and precisely adjusts the parameters of the receiver for the type of speakers used. The input selector is equipped with a video converter, which erases all problems with the choice of cables for switching AV components. The multi-channel input is one, according to the 5.1 scheme, but together with stereo inputs for DVD forms the 7.1. configuration. The digital processor (supports 24 bit/192 kHz processing) has many presets and corrects dialogs. There is also a mode without any processing - Pure Direct.

The advantages of Yamaha RX-V1500 sound can be described briefly: precise tonal and dynamic balance. Reproduction is extremely neutral, and the power capabilities of the amplifier allow it to easily control even a very complex load. The second plus of RX-V1500 is that the sound quality is almost independent from the type of input used. By turning Pure Direct mode on, you get excellent detailing and a moderate articulation, a pure transmission of the upper range, very detailed bass and a slightly smoothed middle.

However, there are some nuances. When you turn on the multi-channel input, you usually get the sound stage, which forms the source. And Yamaha RX-V1500, unlike other receivers, sets its own orders: it is set forward to the listener, better expressed in depth, but blurriness arises in the background.

Yamaha RX-V1500 AV-receiver photo