Yamaha RX-V640 AV-receiver

Yamaha traditionally leads in the segment of budget equipment for home cinema. The x40 series was not an exception: all the models turned out to be exceptionally successful. RX-V640 can work with really low-impedance speaker systems; it is perfectly made and well equipped. It's unfortunate that the company ignored the DTS 96/24 format, but the powerful YSS-938 chip performs operations in a 32-bit presentation with a floating point - the company uses exactly these chips in differential mode in more expensive devices. Switching is very good, the logic of control is well thought out, and the receiver looks "in the first-rate fashion". The minus is that 320 W of power consumption give us only 6x22 watts. However, at such a price it is quite acceptable - moreover, this is a "stable" power, oriented to 4 Ohms loudspeakers.

Among the competitors Yamaha RX-V640 showed the most correct and controlled sound in home movies. Even in the most stressful scenes of "The Lord of the Rings: Two Fortresses" or "The Matrix: Reload" the receiver did not lose any detail and demonstrated an amazingly harmonious performance. The accuracy and seamlessness of the sound picture were beyond praise. But the reproduction of stereo was definitely limping - but, alas, we have to make compromises in such a price niche.

Yamaha RX-V640 AV-receiver photo