Yamaha RX-V1400RDS AV-receiver

The Yamaha RX-V1400RDS AV receiver is equipped with seven amplification channels, but in addition to the 7.1-TNX Surround EX configuration, another pair (a proprietary addition to draw the front soundstage) is provided for connection. Correctly set up such a complex unit helps automatic system (included - microphone). Take into account the specifics of the frequency response of the speakers, which is valuable for a system with different acoustics. Of course, manual tuning is also available - through a detailed menu. Varies almost everything, even the type of video output: built-in converter converts composite and S-video to component signal (or "composite" to S-Video). When using inertial display devices (some LCD-TVs or projectors) it will be useful to select the audio delay in relation to the video. Status information via the OSD menu goes to all video outputs, but the component one can be freed from it if you want (convenient during presentations: the control monitor is connected via S-Video, and the main projector - via component). The Yamaha RX-V1400RDS remote control is well balanced and easy to "read" thanks to the clear color lettering and textured buttons. It is teachable and commands eleven AV devices. The Yamaha RX-V1400RDS, designed for multi-channel audio playback of the most advanced formats, supporting video signal control, is able to lead the most serious home entertainment system.

Yamaha RX-V1400RDS AV-receiver photo