Tannoy Autograph Mini Floor standing speakers

Autograph Mini are special loudspeakers in the Prestige series due to their almost "toy" (for traditional acoustic systems) dimensions (height 345 mm), weight (4 kg) and internal volume (3.5 litres). However, the design and sound of the loudspeaker is not toy at all. Autograph Mini is a greatly reduced copy of the legendary homonymous Tannoy model (without Mini), which half a century ago was loved by connoisseurs of audio not only in the UK. The speaker system is equipped with a coaxial driver of the latest generation, Dual Concentric, the smallest in the company's history (just 100 mm). The most important advantage of a coaxial system is that it simulates a pointed source of sound. The Autograph Mini has a high-frequency driver with a 19-mm titanium dome on one axis with a LF/MF driver with a diffuser made of classic paper. Separation at a frequency of 2.3 kHz is realized by filters of the 2nd (LF) and 1st (HF) order; the minimalist crossover is assembled on the elemental base of the audiophile level. For the finishing of the body made of durable multilayered birch plywood, the company used veneer and an array of noble wood - Tectona grandis. The protective frame, a fabric on a wooden frame, is attached to the body by magnets. Despite the modest dimensions, the Autograph Mini plays deep enough. Low power and small dimensions determine its installation in a small room near the listener, perhaps desktop placing. We listened with great pleasure to the loudspeakers on the racks, being about 2.5 m from them. Chamber instrumental vocal classics and jazz as well as chamber orchestras sounded best of all. Slightly old-fashioned manner, appreciated by many, the naturalness of timbres of acoustic musical instruments, tonal balance, elegant, compact, plastic-patterned, airy and gracefully detailed musical scene - all of these, combined with a truly aristocratic design, make Tannoy Autograph Mini a very attractive product. But, you will have to pay not small money for the model with a rich genealogy and a nice set of advantages.

Tannoy Autograph Mini Floor standing speakers photo