Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom Floor standing speakers

"Custom" index means that this is the modified version of the famous Mercury F series. The changes primarily concerned the crossover, which was almost completely redesigned. Internal structure of the body was also improved - it gained significantly higher rigidity due to new system of struts and the use of the latest damping materials. Internal wiring is now made with audiophile cable van den Hul made of silver-plated copper, and standard spring terminals were replaced with brass and gilt. Drivers are the same - their quality doesn't cause doubts. This pair of cellulose 165-mm woofers and an inch tweeter with the dome made of polyester and neodymium magnet of increased power. The location of drivers was not changed too. This is a classical D'Appolito scheme with symmetrical installation of woofers relatively to tweeter. The bass-reflex port is on the front panel and has a foam plug. Built quality is at a high level, lining of the body with wood grain vinyl film is neatly made, without visible joints and seams. There are two options to choose from - "apple tree" and "dark oak". Considering a tremendous experience of Tannoy in building of speaker systems of various level, we can confidently talk about own philosophy of this manufacturer, which to any extent extends to its all products. And really, even in this relatively inexpensive model you feel a certain breed. Playback of Tannoy Mercury 4 Custom is moderately aristocratic and completely corresponds to the expectations from the speakers with the Tannoy label. The characteristic melodious middle is incredibly natural and pure; many competitors can envy its timbral variety. In mid-upper range they behave loosely and freely. But basses at especially large-scale works sometimes have the lack of depth. In addition, at open ports of bass-reflex low-frequency case is not perfectly articulated and excessively loose, so it is better to use foam plugs. At high volumes there is an overload, body starts to play along, so a thorough decoupling with floor is very desirable. Sound stage is presented in a "room" version - it is compact and not too wide, but Tannoy still very confidently creates the illusion if three-dimensionality.

Well, Mercury F4 Custom is a good variant for music lovers, who live in a limited space and do not listen to music at too high volume.

Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom Floor standing speakers photo