Tannoy Mercury m5 Floor standing speakers

The popular family of Mercury, renowned, particularly, by the EISA laureate for the successful compact m1 system and the well-reputed small floor m3, was increased with two more models: m4 and M5. The dimensions of the conical M5 drivers give us hope for a rich bass, but at the same time these dimensions also cause worry for the quality of the mid frequencies. Due to the very correct reproduction of the MIDs, the corresponding light retouching, affecting the sound of most stringed instruments, as well as female and to a lesser extent male vocals, does not leave the impression of destructive interference. The image maintains the airiness of a "natural" sound, obviously due to a rise in sensitivity at high frequencies. This lift together with good sound clarity creates a vivid effect of presence, which is reinforced by expressive, deep bass. Tannoy Mercury m5 conveys the panorama of the stage space in details, but it has a little lack of depth. In most phonograms the bass organically gets involved into the structure of the composition without disturbing its musical form, but when playing symphonic classics in separate fragments, it a bit interferes with the necessary completeness of the middle frequencies. The rest of the loudspeaker is quite versatile, the originality of its sound is attractive, but with high demands on the quality of the bass it is better to take a larger room for the listening.

Tannoy Mercury m5 Floor standing speakers photo