Tannoy Eyris DC3 Floor standing speakers

With the advent of coaxial HF/MF-speakers the flagship Eyris Hi-Fi series has given birth to a new Eyris DC series. The front wall of Eyris DC3 is made of 30-mm MDF, the thickness of others is 18 mm. The upper panel laterally rounds upwards. The top of this hill is made of metal and has a 25-mm super tweeter with the dome made of titanium and neodymium magnetic system. It is interesting that metallic mesh, which closes super tweeter, hangs solely on to its magnetic field. A 175-mm coaxial speaker also has a 25-mm tweeter with titanium dome and MF-diffuser made of multi-fiber blue paper. Bass-reflex port is placed on the back wall and equipped with a removable damping plug. Protruding from the sides legs are mounted at the bottom and spikes are rolled into them.

Sound. The musical character of Eyris DC3 has features, which the specialists associate with a properly designed coaxial speaker: a specific focus of the image's elements, sustainable and very accurate (almost narrative) localization of virtual sound sources in the space of music stage. The system presents different music in a harmonious unity of sound aspects. The sound of Tannoy can be likened to a three-dimensional, accurate holographic picture which is clear by composition and rich with nuances and crossings. Eyris DC3 reaches considerable bass depths. Bass is slightly inferior to the middle by textural clarity. Tapering of transparency of the lower segment with a significant increase of signal level is possible. The speaker system is quite universal in respect of genre and style.

Tannoy Eyris DC3 Floor standing speakers photo