Tannoy Fusion 3 Floor standing speakers

Fusion 3 is the youngest speaker system in the corresponding series of the famous British manufacturer (only Fusion 4 is elder). The construction is classic: two bands - two speakers. The tweeter has a cloth dome. A high-effective neodymium magnet is used in the design of the head. The diaphragm of 165-mm MF/LF-speaker is formed from cellulose. The system is magneto-shielded and equipped with two pairs of input connectors for separate connection of bands. A 23 litre design is made of 15-mm MDF; the important element is a solid 19-mm front panel; bass-reflex port is located from behind. Look of the model is the incarnation of acoustic classics and distant elegancy. Fusion 3 is very neatly finished by vinyl film, which very successfully imitates the texture of wood (variant: apple tree, oak).

Sound. The loudspeaker plays very musically, conveys the details of programs carefully, plastically and thinly. The image results to be harmonious and integral. The complex of musical details is perfectly balanced, driven by the spirit of the played music. Overall color is slightly lightened - perhaps, due to slight rise in tops. Fast, strong, transparent in all registers sound never becomes angular and sharp. The lower register is very good - it allows LF-content of various recordings to be open: from symphonic and chamber classics to aggressive and energetic electro songs. Energy potential of the model is high. Dynamical range is very wide.

The model is universal, perfectly plays music and is great theatrical front. The lover of classics will especially like it. You should place Fusion 3 in the middle sized room.

Tannoy Fusion 3 Floor standing speakers photo