Canton Ergo 81 DC Floor standing speakers

The Canton Ergo 81 DC is a German three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker system. There are three drivers on each speaker: a tweeter with a rigid inch dome and two 160 mm drivers with polypropylene conical cones. One of them, placed above the tweeter, operates in the range from 300 Hz to 3.5 kHz, the second, respectively, takes care of the rest of the middle and low frequencies. The phase-inverter port is on the front panel and is set to 40 Hz. Characteristics of the input resistance module is the proof of the excellent design: the average value of the module 6.9 Ohm, the nominal 3.6 Ohm, the standard deviation of ± 2.1 Ohm, maximum (3 kHz) 11.5 Ohm. These speakers will work harmoniously with any amplifier. With a rated power of 130W and an allowable peak value of 200W, the sensitivity of the system is 90dB at 2.83V per 1m. Judging by the results of diagnostics, the front panel and the walls of the case are well damped, and the internal volume is practically indifferent to disturbances. Monolith! The uniformity of the speaker's field in the horizontal plane is generally not bad, although some redirection occurs at the frequency of the pairing of the upper and middle bands of the loudspeaker. The Ergo 81 DC has an attractive appearance: the expressive laconism of the rigorous design allows a variety of ways to participate in the home interior. You only have to choose the appropriate color: black, white, cherry, ash veneer. The advantages include the presence of metal decorative grilles at the speakers.

When listening to the Ergo 81 DC, the neutrality of the sound image, inherent to high hi-fi, immediately draws attention. It is this costly neutrality that sometimes causes disappointment to the unsophisticated listener. We will not develop the obvious context of this contradiction... In the sound of the system is adequately balanced proportions of low, medium and high frequencies, and the average unevenness of the response in the range of 100 Hz - 20 kHz is only ± 1,9 dB. No comment! Those who wish can take off their hat, and we will continue the intricate analysis. Scrupulous attention to sound led to finding some rise in sensitivity, starting just below the upper octave (8-18 kHz). Pedant's prediction: there's a possibility of contrasting hissing sounds, a pseudo-vinyl background or something along those lines. But we hasten to reassure the hat takers: the experts did not notice anything like that aurally. On the other hand, we really liked the clarity of the violin sound and the lush expressiveness of the viola, giving a sense of clear, open perspective and freshness. As for the midrange and bass, after thoughtful listening and consideration even the most stubborn skeptic will also be forced... to part with the headgear. The Ergo 81 DC's treatment of the relevant aspects of the sound image demonstrates a high degree of commitment to the original. This is the case where bass ceases to be bass in the sense often implied in the conversations of some audiophiles. Instead of a vague suspension at the bottom of the frequency range, you hear the voices of the instruments, their tones and the mood of the performers. The system's dynamic range meets the demands of this class of equipment. The Canton handles the task of organizing the stereo image space with ease, confidently distributing sources on the virtual stage and engaging the listener in the musical action.

Price: $1100
Canton Ergo 81 DC Floor standing speakers photo