Canton Ergo 92 DC Floor standing speakers

Black velvet on the faceplate, sturdy metallic grills, and titanium membrane of the tweeter - all of these will undoubtedly call up one reaction of any educated audio lover - this is Canton. Keeping the corporate tradition, Ergo 92 entertains by confident and powerful bass. Sometimes there was a feeling that Ergo 92, being not satisfied by the given source of low frequencies, tries to give a listener more, but good nurture refrains it all the time. However, in classics, mainly in "smooth" parts of symphonic works, this "tendency" can be perceived as the excess of deep bass, slightly dissipating attention. Nothing similar happens at the moments of attack - all fullness of low-frequency resource of the system is used for the benefit to cogently play drums and brass bands. Bass manners of Canton Ergo 92 DC are always appropriate for vital rock. Grand piano is tridimensional like being concert. Relief of images of fast piano passages in the upper case seems to increase the sensitivity of auditory system, starting to respond to every keystroke with heightened delicacy. The highest frequencies are quite transparent and detailed, the image is airy. Sound image of Ergo 92 DC is rich bass, good tonal accuracy for the most part of the range, pleasant feeling of slightly increased brightness, and spectacular presentation of scenic space. The system is, surely, universal in its attitude to musical genres, but will be hardly able to adequately open its low-frequency talents in a small room - it needs space andů regular care for velvet finish.

Canton Ergo 92 DC Floor standing speakers photo