Canton LE 190 Floor standing speakers

The German company Canton has been more than 30 years on the market of Hi-Fi speaker systems and has approved itself among audiophiles long ago. Line is designed to bring not only high-class sound to your house, but also a stylish look (four variants of finish are available). The whole series consists of six models, from which you can build a full home cinema. The model with index of 190 is the top floor speaker system. It is made by three-way scheme from MDF plates with the thickness of 11 mm. There are four speakers on the front panel. The upper one is a polypropylene mid-range driver with the inverted dustproof cup, a 25mm tweeter, sunk in a plastic horn, which allows regulating polar pattern, is just below it. Bass-section is even lower, where there are two massive 200mm LF-speakers also made of polypropylene. These drivers are acoustically loaded on the bass-reflex port, being placed exactly under bass-section, which is separated from the other heads. On the back panel there are only convenient screw connectors for acoustic wires, not gilt and without the support of two-wire connection. Small vibration-absorbing "legs", mounted at the bottom of the speaker system's body, are provided for junction with floor.

Sound. When we analyze the sound of loudspeakers of floor family, surely we pay a special attention to features and quality of bass register. The experience with the models of German brand showed that many of them have perfect bass; some of us even tend to find this as one of the branded advantages. Canton LE 190 does not also loose in LF quality. Although bass is not record deep, but dense, elastic and saves brightness and structural certainty at high volume level; you feel a considerable energetic potential in it, "resources" as they say. Due to the properties of LF register, tonal accuracy, a high dynamic resource, ability to form big and spatial sound volumes, LE 190 plays symphonic, rock programs and concert recordings particularly impressive. The speaker systems do not miss sound nuances too: transparent, airy, and stretched to the depth stage is richly detailed, especially on high and middle frequency floors.

These speaker systems should appeal to those who like relaxed, open sound with contrasting view of the elements of the picture and high bass tonus.

Canton LE 190 Floor standing speakers photo