Canton GLE 470 Floor standing speakers

Canton designers issued a challenge to the classical black design of speaker systems. The whole GLE series shines by snow-white front panel and the same protective grill, made of metal. 7 variants of finish are available for the rest of the body's walls. Such design looks at least unusual. The body rests on wide plastic legs with metallic rings. The sizes of GLE 470 are very small and bass-reflex port is placed on the front panel. That's why they will easily find a place even in a small room. Construction and location of drivers are quite traditional for Canton. The tweeter with a soft dome and aluminum coil locate between two MF/LF drivers. Magnetic system of the tweeter is optimized by computer methods. Geometry of the dome was also revised. A special panel of the tweeter is optimized for more even return at high frequencies. Drivers are equipped with aluminum diffusers and baskets made of cast under pressure polycarbonate. By the way, the baskets of drivers were redesigned in order to be housed in narrower body and also for better air leakage and exclusion of compression effect.

Canton GLE 470 easily copes with any most difficult music. The sound is informative and at the same time unified. Mood, sense, energy are transferred very realistically and clearly. In fact, only one claim can be made to this system: bass is slightly enlarged and this can't pass without trace for music. Double-bass suddenly stumbles upon a certain note and immediately becomes as if two times bigger. This is an unpleasant thing and, firstly, it is typical for large floor standing speaker systems, equipped with bass-reflexes. And Canton GLE 470, unfortunately, is not an exception here. As for the rest, this system is a good choice for wide range of music lovers.

Canton GLE 470 Floor standing speakers photo