Onkyo A-SV420 AV amplifier

The external appearance of the Model A-SV420 immediately evokes nostalgic memories of audio equipment 70-80 years. Unlike most modern devices with rounded corners and convex front panels, Onkyo is designed explicitly "cubist" style, and consists of nothing but right angles and planes: a completely flat front panel, a large flat screen multi-function display, large rectangular buttons. Layout of the controls is logical and quite conveniently, graphic display is also not much to complain about.

Overall Impression: A solidly made machine with a traditional, time-tested design. With this Onkyo might be just what we needed as a part of your home audio system consisting of a previously purchased HI-FI-components. The only thing that did not like in this amp - is the use of spring clips to connect the speakers of the front channels. As is known, such clips do not provide a reliable and secure connections, and so they generally apply only to simple and cheap models of amplifiers. In amplifiers same higher class with an output of 50 watts per channel, as a rule, apply a quality universal screw clamps. These clips can reliably connected to the output of the amplifier all types of connectors for speaker cables ("banana", "rake" and so on.). And in the absence of such connectors are firmly "hold" and just the bare and stripped ends of the cables. By adjusting the degree of "tightening" of the screw clamp, you can easily provide a reliable and stable contact in the connector. Of course, the spring clips in the AV-amplifiers and AV-receivers are also used, but only to connect the center speaker and surround speakers. In light of the above, the presence of the spring clips to connect front speakers in a high quality amplifier Onkyo A-SV420 with high output power 2x100 W caused the experts was slightly bewildered.

Of the other features of the amplifier, received the full approval of the experts, it is worth mentioning the presence of two power outlets on the rear panel of the amplifier. Their presence can greatly facilitate "construction" home theater system, as some of its components can be connected to the network via AV-amplifier. Something for nothing, especially since in this case it will be possible to do without the extra extension cords.

Now about the sound. When playing a CD when disconnected voices sound amplifier Onkyo A-SV420 was somewhat muffled, but clean and without any audible distortion. By the nature of sound A-SV420 closely resembled the sound of NAD-312. But while the tone-and using tone compensation (Selective Tope) Onkyo sound becomes just wonderful! He had no visible "straining" reproduce the most dynamic passages, and even forte Symphony Orchestra did not cause him trouble.

In the home theater sound Onkyo featured extraordinary volume, to create sound picture was a lot of "air". As for the sound quality, it was high, although a little edgy with a slight deficit of low frequencies.

As a characteristic feature of the model A-SV420 should be noted that the power fails to work when the outputs of the front channels connected just two pairs of speakers A and B. This feature of this unit, which explains the need for the manufacturer of the output stages for optimum load, it should be referring to future owners of the amplifier.

Price: $599
Onkyo A-SV420 AV amplifier photo