Onkyo DAC-HA200 DAC

Digital to analog converters, as separate units, reversing the past few years have returned in a big way and allow users to listen to high quality music from your PC, on the other hand listening to music on the move remains mostly limited quality output on today's smartphones are by far the most popular source of music. Good headphones in this case of course help, but restrictions remain sound source. Onkyo has decided to solve the problem with a very interesting device, which is hidden under the not-so-interesting name, DAC-HA200. The idea is that the smartphone via USB port connects an external DA converter, just as it did at home while smartphone connecting to one of the many USB dock, just as the DAC-HA200 small enough to put it in your pocket with the smartphone. The device has its own power supply in the form of a built-in rechargeable battery, so it does not reduce the already short battery life of today's smartphones. The package even get the bands with which you can make your smart phone for the DAC in order to have a fixed unit. DAC-HA200 is built extremely well, metal housing acts very robust, and all controls on it are further protected by the protruding edges of the chassis. Although the device is relatively small, it has everything it should have. From digital inputs found: micro USB, USB full-size and optical input and the end there is another 3.5mm analog input. From the exit we find only 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery unit can be charged via a USB port on your computer. Built-in digital to analog converter can convert the signal to a frequency of 96 KHz with 24 bits per sample.


The hearing test is made in several stages. The device is used while it was connected to a smart phone directly to your computer where it also served as a pre-amplifier for headphones, and at the end of the main digital audio source to the entire audio system. Onkyo DAC-HA200 proved to be a small device seriousness of purpose. The stage when playing a symphony orchestra was very good in all three dimensions, and the separation of instruments is excellent for this class of devices. The amount of detail in the medium and high end of the spectrum is excellent. Small Onkyo most important when playing vocalist, who had the correct volume and definition in space. When playing jazz band, bass was very controlled, although perhaps a little more depth limited than some competitors. But the most important thing is that the DAC-HA200 agree with all kinds of music, and at no point listening not become hard, characteristics that usually have a lot of expensive equipment. It should also be noted that the DAC-HA200 without problems could nicely and large headphones greater resistance.


Onkyo has made a very interesting package. The idea of quality music playback on the move is good, but the convenience of a little remains questionable. The device is still too large to be easily carried in your pocket with the smartphone. But on the other hand is small enough that you can put it without problem in the bag, and listening to travel with a laptop or a tablet is a great convenience. With high-quality headphones, Onkyo DAC-HA200 becomes great little system for listening to music when you are not at home. After testing the device very difficult to be any return to the sound that provide a tablet or laptop through its headphone output and only dad understand how this device improves the experience of listening to music. The only somewhat obstacle for the purchase price remains, which is no mean feat for this type of device

Onkyo DAC-HA200 DAC photo