Onkyo A-5VL Amplifier

Having quite compact sizes Onkyo A-5VL amplifier weights about 10 kg. The paradox is easily explained - at the layout of "double mono" with separate EI-shaped transformers for each channel output terminals work in D class and that's why they do not need large heat sinks. A unique feature of A-5VL is also the presence of built-in DAC on PCM1796 chips with the parameters of 24/192. It is worth noting that for additional suppression of impulse noises there is the proprietary VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) circuit of the last generation. Accordingly, in addition to analog inputs (there are five including Phono) the amp has digital too - coaxial and optical Toslink.

The playback through digital input is expressive, juicy. You don't feel excessive rigidity, the sound is quite alive. Sound resolution (especially in MF/HF spectrum) is the highest. Dynamical contrasts are conveyed without ideal freedom, but also without excessive compression. The space is formed not too voluminous, but the images of instruments in it are located extremely accurately.

At the analog connection of Onkyo A-5VL music flows easily and naturally as well, but macro-dynamics significantly increases. At the same time the control of the deepest bass slightly weakens. Sound stage changes too: the space clearly expands and obtains greater depth. The highest sound resolution is kept, but sometimes the middle is played a bit cool. We will note this like a specific feature of sound, having nothing in common with coloring.

Onkyo A-5VL Amplifier photo