Onkyo T-4511 Tuner

The envelope, attached to the packing boxand having two sheets, filled in handwriting by technical data of exactly this device with serial number, already speaks about the seriousness of the company. By the way, data markedly differ from those that are typographically printed in the instructions and from those, which were measured by us. But as the scatter of the data was distributed randomly in both best and worst sides, nothing wrong is there because methods and conditions of measurements are different and two the same devices don't happen. And another interesting observation: the device very reminds NAD 414 by the similarity of displays, parameters and even subjectively perceptible features. As if they are twin-brothers with similar filling but in completely different bodies. Even color is different: in contrast to traditionally black this tuner has light-golden color and the front panel is made from anodized metal with "diamond" processing. Big, rounded turned setting handle, rotating surprisingly easy and smoothly, decorates it. The buttons of presets and switching of setting types are located next to the handle, under the display there are the keys of ranges and operating modes of tuner and display. Switchable bus of VHF band is indicated by two small, green LEDs to the left of the display. A big switch key from the left side completes the composition of the front panel.

In General, the device is very beautiful and it is easier to manage it than NAD 414, because for example you can configure at presets not only by the manual tuning knob (you have to read digits at the same time) but also by buttons and do it not looking at the display. Seven-segment digits and letters glow at the display with pleasant "sunny" color, showing the range, the preset's number, frequency with accuracy up to 25 kHz and other service information. The location of digits and inscriptions on the display is the same as in the tuner NAD 414. The tuner has the decoder of RDS system, giving the possibility to display the name of station, program type, traffic information, the list of alternative frequencies of stations transmitting the same program, radio text and, finally, the current time. The automatic search of radio stations, transmitting the desired type of program, is possible, and you can select the latest type from the list of 15 titles scrolling it on the display. The tuner has no a special remote control, but it combined with the amplifier by a special command cable allowing the use of the amplifier's remote control for the tuner. The functional equipment of the tuner is high: it can remember up to 30 frequencies of radio stations in the ranges of VHF and medium waves, there are auto programming of 20 frequencies, scanning over ranges and presets, automatic optimization of receiving to VHF signal meter and the indicator of fine setting.

The tuner's parameters in VHF range are extremely high - at almost limit sensitivity it has the record selectivity through imageand side receiving channels, excessing 90 dB; the possibilities of our measuring system didn't allow getting more accurate meaning at such level and absolutely fantastic figure of 130 dB is showed in the mentioned above handwriting list! The receiving on VHF fully satisfied expectations: interference wasn't observed at all, the sound quality turned out to be high. The tuner provided the same excellent receiving of local radio stations in the medium-wave range on the attached frame antenna. You have to orient it in space and find a suitable place for it in order to achieve optimal results. The interference from more powerful stations was observed at the receiving of weak medium-wave stations, like in other tuners.

Onkyo T-4511 Tuner photo