Marantz SR6008 AV-receiver

Switching arsenal consists of seven HDMI inputs (one is located on the front panel) and two outputs. In front there are also a USB port, compatible with Apple devices, and a number of analog connectors that are hidden under the plug along with the microphone input of the automatic calibration system. From behind there is almost everything that can be needed for the organization of a developed AV system, including a full range of analog and digital audio terminals (even an eight-channel analog input that is relatively rare in modern models). There are nine pairs of acoustic terminals. The amplifier can simultaneously serve seven channels with a declared power of 110 watts (8 ohms). Unlike previous models, acoustic terminals have a horizontal arrangement, which facilitates the connection of cables. In addition, the terminals are now color coded, which also simplify the switching process.

Audiossey MultEQ XT Pro is responsible for auto-tuning. The graphical on-screen interface is colorful, all actions are explained not only by text, but also by pictures. In addition to the regular remote control of the traditional design, there is a free control application for gadgets based on iOS and Android, which opens access to all functions and expanded opportunities for networking. The video part of the receiver is able to convert the signal of any source into a digital form and send it to the HDMI output, and at the same time it can be scaled to a resolution of 4K. The network potential is fully presented, from DLNA to Internet services. Wire connection is selected as the main option; Wi-Fi adapter is purchased separately. The model has compatibility with AirPlay. There is also a proprietary function for reconstructing the frequency spectrum of compressed audio tracks - Dynamic Audio Expander. Marantz SR6008 allows you to watch video and listen to audio in two zones, both from the same source and from different sources.

The most characteristic features of the Marantz SR6008 sound are softness and comfort. This does not mean that the receiver is not able to go all out in shock parts of the soundtrack, but it does it intelligently in its own way, with care to nerves and ears of the listener, that's why many prefer the style of Marantz - calm and confident power causes only positive emotions. You can scold the receiver, if desired, for lack of contrast and a slightly less expressed scale, but the continuous popularity of the brand indicates that these properties are not so critical. For fans of the brand, who decided to build a 7.1-channel movie theater, this model will be the best choice, and the rest should listen to it - there is a good chance that the peculiar feed of Marantz will catch fancy.

Marantz SR6008 AV-receiver photo