Marantz SR4200 AV-receiver

On the front panel of Marantz SR4200 receiver there is no even AV-input, only controls of the main functions and display. In the attempt to give it some style, the developers brought the number of buttons down to minimum, so the initial setting is possible only from the remote control. It is programmable, corresponding codes are given on the last pages of the instruction. In the context of ergonomics the Marantz remote control is not very convenient. Although the controls clearly divide it into operational areas, it has lots of "needless" buttons and the inscriptions on some of them don't match the functions they perform. And another thing: while choosing the signal source the remote control automatically goes to control this source, and in order to make it control the receiver again, you have to push AMP button. Algorithm of installation is logical, but you should get used to it. The receiver's sound is rather musical than theatrical and it tends to pop music. Speaking about soundtracks, it plays it best, being connected to "satellites-subwoofer" system. In the complex of five floor-standing speaker systems without subwoofer it sounds too moderately. The presence of linear output from the decoder rescues this situation. Therefore, we recommend Marantz SR4200 receiver firstly to the lover of modern music, for whom the watching of a movie with multichannel soundtrack is not the most important; secondly, for the person, who wants to buy the set of miniature speaker systems and subwoofer, and also to whose, who in the near future is going to "beef up" his receiver by adding a massive power amp to it (5.1-channel output is provided). But is it worth to make such efforts for the receiver, not equipped with 6.1 decoders?

Marantz SR4200 AV-receiver photo