JPW 207 Floor standing speakers

One of the differences can be seen with the naked eye - it is characteristic only for JPW constructive design. Radiators, mounted at the top of a narrow body and covered with a compact metal grill, framed by massive plastic shaped pad, designed to reduce diffraction. But the main part JPW speakers are, of course, its dynamic head. Engineers use the Audio Group dynamics produced by an Indian company Peerless Fabrikkerne (founded in 1977 as a division of the Danish Peerless, but in 1983 became independent). Tweeter with 25 mm silk dome has high linearity. Diffuser 165-millimeter medium-woofer is made of fiberglass, which makes it both hard and easy. For the lower range meets 25-inch woofer with a traditional cellulose cone, driven by high-performance amplifier and working, which is important in a sealed enclosure.

207 model - the flagship, it is positioned as the speakers for home theater, but the advanced settings and switching and give it a decent musical potential. In particular, for the active and passive sections have separate speaker terminals. In the presence of two sensitivity control (the second is designed for line input). There is also a linear output, which means that a low level signal to the active bass can be removed not only from the output Sub receiver, but also with stereo - with slots and provisional end section which normally bridged.

It is with such an inclusion (had to get a couple of interconnects) and we started listening to 207's with the reference "Bryston". Immediately get what we wanted - excellent, tuned in almost all respects with the ability to adjust the stereo right amount of bass. As part of the speed and dynamics play all lowercase JPW system apart from the competition. They are able to clearly heard on this volume when the bass gets to the liver and eyes refuse to believe that the speaker size is not a wardrobe

And the scene in order - a large-scale, well-echeloned, devoid of binding to the emitters (though it slightly lacks stability). And the tonal balance is quite good - coloring is, but it does not distract.

Pleased that in the normal start-up, when the signal at the active bass filmed with columnar inputs nature bass sound remained the same articulate and confident, although there were light buzzing tone. Furthermore, the reproduction of voices and treble become cleaner, fresher - if a recording dusted off. With receiver 207th friends willingly when we have limited bandwidth for the passive section at frequencies of 70 - 80 Hz. However, even without such adjustments in the multi channel sound system is not a child - for blockbuster effects is not so much linearity as energy, which in the 207's enough.

JPW 207 Floor standing speakers photo