Polk Audio LSiM705 Floor standing speakers

The bodies of Polk Audio LSiM705 speaker systems with smooth contours and non-parallel edges are made of 19-mm (3/4") MDF plates; the thickness of their powerful front panels exceeds 3 cm. Internal horizontal, vertical and inclined bulkheads divide the body into several isolated compartments, tightly packed with absorbent. All speakers are equipped with own cameras and even two oval woofers are with their own individual bass-reflex port. The ports are placed to the bottom and look at the stand, separated from the body by high rubber legs. The front panel is literally scattered with speakers - there are five ones for each speaker system. A ring tweeter of the new generation, redesigned for this line, and midrange emitter have a single frame in the form of inverted 8. According to the manufacturer, it gives an optimal coordination of dynamical heads with each other and provides good horizontal dispersion in the most important frequency range - from 200 to 2000 Hz. The front panel and stand are covered with juicy black grad piano lacquer, harmonizing with the finish of the bodies. Grills, made of thin fabric on metallic frames, are fixed to bodies on magnets.

Impressive and massive pair sounds in accordance with its external appearance. There are lots of air and the feeling of volume and scale - the merit of MF/HF-module, distinctly outstanding by quality. Presentation is energetic, rhythm sometimes seems to be even slightly accelerated, but without rhythmic mess. Some brightness can be compensated by putting the speaker systems strictly straight, without turning on the listener. Polk Audio LSiM705 does not focus on subtle nuances, preferring a broad stroke. Micro-rhythmic patterns and swirls are also not very visible, but the main rhythmic skeleton is drawn in all recordings. Due to free middle with the abundance of air, vocal, especially female, both popular and academic, is played successfully.

Polk Audio LSiM705 Floor standing speakers photo